Night Shift Still Coming to Pennsylvania After All

Well, despite not opening their Roxborough location (Night Shift Brewing Cancels Expansion into Philly), it looks like Night Shift Brewing will still be coming to Philadelphia and Pennsylvania after all. They have made a distribution agreement with Penn Beer Distributors to bring their beers into Southeastern Pennsylvania. Penn Beer Distributors used to occupy the DominoContinue reading “Night Shift Still Coming to Pennsylvania After All”

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Night Shift Brewing Cancels Expansion

In more sad news, during these ‘dark’ times, we have (even) more unfortunate news. Not quite on the level of the Full Pint Closing or Crystal Ball Closing or Stoudt’s Announced Closing, but Night Shift has announced their canceling their expansion into Philadelphia. This is disappointing news for many; especially Pennsylvanians and Philadelphians. Back inContinue reading “Night Shift Brewing Cancels Expansion”

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