End of the Year – 2019

(Just a quick note, late addition on this, this is going to be a two-part article. First part a look-back at The Beer Thrillers articles of 2019, and the second part about our top beers, top breweries, and other happenings of 2019 for myself personally and the blog, and some of our friends in general.Continue reading “End of the Year – 2019”

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Some Old Posts

Was taking a look at some of our older blog posts and articles on here, and decided to do a “here’s what you might have missed” post. These are ten of our older posts that some of our newer followers might not have seen. #1. Sundrifter by South County Brewing Company #2. Enigma by AnchorageContinue reading “Some Old Posts”

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Beer Reviews: Green Zebra (Founders) and Next Coast (Goose Island)

Not every beer can be a “whale” and extremely hard to get and worth chasing down and dropping 20$ for some guy to mule it ontop of the 8$ the can costs. Some are going to be regular beers you drink at a bar while playing bar room poker. Some are going to be 3$Continue reading “Beer Reviews: Green Zebra (Founders) and Next Coast (Goose Island)”

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