Beer Review: Buddy Shots (Cycle Brewing Company)

A time of friends getting together, working, hustling, doing a project, calls for something special, calls for something to be shared, enjoyed together as a group… and thats just what we did with Buddy Shots. We were all together discussing time travel and doing our time travel podcast for So a Mexican and a ScottContinue reading “Beer Review: Buddy Shots (Cycle Brewing Company)”

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Beer Review: Thursday (2016) (Cycle Brewing Company)

When in Rome… or when its Thursday and your beer is called Thursday, right? How can you not drink a beer called Thursday…. on any other day than Thursday? It’d be sacrilege otherwise! Heresy one might even say! So here I am, late on a Thursday, enjoying a big, bold, deep, dark, delicious, four yearContinue reading “Beer Review: Thursday (2016) (Cycle Brewing Company)”

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