Beer Education: Module Six: Steps In The Brewing Process

Where we left off last time was at the assessment. The assessment (or mid-term) was for verified track learners only; and since I’m not doing that, I’m skipping over that. So moving on, clicking the NEXT brings us to the intro video for Module Six: Steps in the Brewing Process. The intro video is aContinue reading “Beer Education: Module Six: Steps In The Brewing Process”

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Beer Education: Module Three: Water

We start off Module Three with an intro video about water by Stijn (Stijn 2). The video is 3:34 long and details how water is used to make beer and how it is an ingredient in beer. It also talks about alkalinity as well as the molecular make up of water (calcium, magnesium, etc.). ThisContinue reading “Beer Education: Module Three: Water”

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Beer Education: Series

For everyone stuck in and going stir crazy, or having cabin fever, or losing their marbles, minds, biscuits, or gravy, or whatever term you want to call it, I’m introducing a new series. There is a lot of different sites that offer online courses – like Coursera, EDX, Gale Online, etc. – but most aren’tContinue reading “Beer Education: Series”

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