Beer Education: Module One: History of Beer Brewing

Moving forward with our beer education series, and sorry that this one has taken a bit of extra time… but I had to do some reconstruction work on my keyboard. Letters on it weren’t working right, so I had to do some work to it. Its still a bit touchy, but its better. The Y-U-H-J-N-MContinue reading “Beer Education: Module One: History of Beer Brewing”

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Beer Education: Introduction

We start up with an opening page discussing the MOOC and a few details in the vein of that. Scrolling down on the opening page, we get a video by Kevin Verstrepen, of the University of Leuven. He is standing in front of his ‘laboratory’ or as we would call it a ‘pilot brewery’. HeContinue reading “Beer Education: Introduction”

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Beer Education: Syllabus

This is more of the starting point, with the syllabus just being the ‘cap’ to it. Its more about starting the course than the actual syllabus. I’ll walk through what I did to start up the course, and then cover the syllabus at the end. I was tempted to call this: “Beer Education: The Start”Continue reading “Beer Education: Syllabus”

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