2019 GABF Winners: Pennsylvania

The 2019 GABF Medals

A few weeks back the 2019 Great American Beer Festival ended and at the closing ceremony they always announce the winners for Gold, Silver, and Bronze in various categories. The categories range from style (IPA, Stout, Brown Ale, Amber Ale, etc) to breweries (nano, regional, etc.) and all kinds of other things in between.

I know we cover many different breweries here and are not just Pennsylvania based, but since we are FROM Pennsylvania, I thought I’d start there and announce the medal winners from PA. Glad to celebrate how well Pennsylvania is doing in brewing and great to see it recognized at one of the biggest events of the year. Pennsylvania won 7 medals in total, 3 in gold, 3 in silver, and 1 in bronze. I’ll break it down by gold, silver, bronze.


Category: Contemporary American-Style Pilsner
Brewery: New Trails Brewing
Beer: Lazy River Pils

Category: German-Style Dark Lager
Brewery: The Church Brew Works
Beer: Monk Dunkel

Category: Imperial Stout
Brewery: 2SP Brewing
Beer: The Russian

Category: Belgian-Style Lambic or Sour Ale
Brewery: Free Will Brewing
Beer: Olly

Category: Brett Beer
Brewery: Cellar Works Brewing
Beer: St. Eldritch

Category: German-Style Wheat Ale
Brewery: Swashbuckler Brewing Co.
Beer: Dunkelweisse

Category: English-Style Brown Ale
Brewery: Helltown Brewing
Beer: Mischievous Brown

Was a good year for Pennsylvania breweries. Hopefully next year we can win more awards, last year (2018) we had six medals earned, and this year we had seven, so thats definite improvement. Here’s to 10 next year!

As a final closing note, here’s a great list article on the top 10 breweries in Pennsylvania ranked by Untappd, check it out: Top 10 Breweries in PA According to Untappd(by Breweries in PA).

Until next time everyone! Cheers!

-B. Kline

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