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This blog is centered around the South Central Pennsylvania area (Hershey-Harrisburg area). There is a wealth of great local craft breweries in this area, for example: Troegs Brewery, Boneshire Brew Works, Tattered Flag Brewing, The Millworks, Zeroday Brewery, Moo-Duck Brewery, Cox Brewing, Iron Hill Brewery of Hershey, Spring Gate, The Vineyard and Brewery of Hershey, The Vegetable Hunter, Howling Henry’s (no building, but brews out of Hummelstown), Funk’s Brewing, Appalachian Brewing Company, Newfangled Brew Works, and Mount Gretna Craft Brewery, and these are just the ones within a 10-15 mile radius of Hummelstown. (There is even more on the outskirts of this like Pizza Boy in Enola, Molly Pitcher and Desperate Times in Carlisle, Rotunda Brewing Company out of Annville, Snitz Creek out of Lebanon,Ever Grain and Mellow Mink out of Mechanicsburg, Larsen Meadworks in Mechanicsburg, and many more.) And there is many more constantly opening up in the area.

Some of the articles will be beer reviews of recently releases from these great breweries. Some beer reviews will be of “whales” from some of the industry giants like Tree House, Trillium, The Veil, Burley Oak, Aslin, etc.

Some of the articles will be about growing hops. Specifically tailored for Pennsylvania and the climate and landscape here – which to be honest isn’t the greatest or the best for hops.

Some of the articles will be about industry news (brewery openings and closings).

Some of the articles will be about working and volunteering at breweries, maybe interviews with brewers and workers, discussions of brewery insider news and happenings.

When one of the authors of the blog get to try out a new brewery there will (most likely) be an article about their trip and visit, especially if they were able to take a brewery tour.

Articles on home brewing from those who home brew and how they do it and ways to better it, etc.

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If you would like to write for us, please use the contact form here and send us a message. Give us your name, information about yourself, (location, experiences, writing experiences, ideas, etc) and we will review it and get back to you. We would primarily like to keep it Central PA -ish. Maybe a bit out of our range to expand the scope of the blog (perhaps York or Enola or Lancaster or Carlisle) but this is all things we will discuss with you when we get to that point.

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There is currently two authors working on this blog, B. Kline and J. Doncevic. So if you’d like to read up more on them and see what brings them to writing on this blog, be sure to read their biographies here:


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